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Why is branding so important?

Great branding increases the value of a business and provides staff with a vision.

A key part of your brand is your logo. A professional and well-designed logo is powerful and recognisable purely on its shape and colour. For example, I want you now to imagine a tick and think fashion, golden arches and think food, and an Apple – think technology. Hopefully Nike, McDonalds and Apple spring to mind!

The icon/logo for your business is such an important aspect to your company branding – it’s the face of your company, improves recognition, creates trust and will leave either a positive or negative impression with potential new customers. If your branding is professional, people are more likely to trust it and purchase from you.

Not only is the branding very important, but advertising also plays a huge part in creating a successful brand. If we take the 3 earlier examples for instance and now think where and when you last saw them – possibly whilst driving past a huge sign, watching a TV advert, or reading a magazine feature. Either way these brands are powerful and creating global recognition doesn’t happen overnight. Key targeted advertising campaigns and sponsorship all play an active role in an instantly recognisable brand. The most profitable companies large or small have one thing in common – they are established as leaders within their industry.

Recently, Digital Boss re-branded with the aim of creating a logo which uses the pocket shape (as seen in the Pocket Guides, ePocket and Pocket Media Group logos). We also wanted to be seen as a sophisticated, trusted and professional digital business. Selecting which colour to use is also very important. For Digital Boss we chose blue because psychologically it’s linked to creativity and symbolizes loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust. We also used a sky blue blended into dark blue, because sky blue inspires safety and serenity, and dark blue is the shade associated with intelligence. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body, and represents communication – which makes sense when you think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Skype are all blue.

As you can see, there’s a huge amount of thought, planning, meaning and vision among many other things that are taken into consideration when creating a brand. It’s the face of your company today and the vision of your company tomorrow. It can encourage someone to purchase from you, or drive them away and should be a priority to any business that hasn’t already created a professional brand.

For professional expert branding advice please contact a friendly member of staff at Digital Boss.

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