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Social Media: The New Shop Window

It’s funny how quickly trends come and go, some of which change our lives forever. Back in 2014, The Student Pocket Guide stopped printing after carrying out a survey which returned interesting stats – a massive 78% opting to consume media through a device rather than reading a print publication. Recently, The Yellow Pages announced that after 51 years it will no longer be printed after 2019. Long gone are the days of buying a printed magazine from the local newsagent and it’s no surprise when you hear tech giants Apple report that it sold a staggering 41 million iPhones in its third quarter of 2017.

No longer do you have to buy a TV guide to highlight your favourite shows on a Saturday evening – content in abundance is available at the tip of your fingertip regardless of where you are, providing you have internet of course.

Just a quick scroll down on your device and content will be displayed either by your connections or targeted campaigns. Did you know the UK’s population is over 65 million, with a massive 92.6% of us having access to the internet and in 2016 there was 38 million active social media users (63% of the entire population), with the average person spending 2 hours 51 minutes per day using social media. Some amazing stats right there. To think Facebook is only 13 years old. How things have changed!

With these astounding stats, it’s clear that the need to be amongst the news feed and appear on the device of your target market is essential for any business of today – social media users are the new shop window browser. No longer do you need to reach for your wallet with simple online payment processes such as PayPal which take seconds. These people are online right now, scrolling through their social platforms, and you are missing out if you are not pushing content out to your target market. It gets a lot more deeper than this as it’s not that simple to just be able to post content and reach your target market. Algorithms exist which can act as a barrier. However, if you understand these algorithms (as we do), combined with the use of the Digital Boss bespoke social media marketing software, DB can ensure your message reaches your exact target market. In fact, recent Digital Boss targeted social media campaigns have received a click through rate of up to 70%!

The world is moving very fast in this new digital age. Targeted campaigns can put you in front of your target market in seconds, and for a very cost effective price. These campaigns are tracked real-time, so you cannot only target specific users but see how many clicks your campaign is getting. If you’d like to learn more about this service please visit the Digital Boss website.


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