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Ex Norwich City and Tottenham Hotspur player joins the board at PMG

Former Norwich City and Tottenham Hotspur footballer Paul McVeigh joins the board at Pocket Media Group Limited. Alongside Group Managing Director Ben Farrin, Chairman Mark Garner and Non Executive Director Mark Clayton, the board has a wide range of knowledge, expertise, strength and together they share the same vision, to be the number one media group for publishing outstanding exclusive content and engaging with the 16-30 demographic. Having grown exponentially over the years the group is now in a stronger position than ever before with the board strength, experienced team(s), and the longevity of a very positive reputation. Having won numerous prestigious business awards, including the Barclays Take One Small Step competition, the group now looks forward to what will no doubt be a very enjoyable journey, introducing new ventures along the way, and providing growth and at least 18 job opportunities within the next 24 months.

Pocket Media Group

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