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The Importance of Office Culture.

If you work in a typical full time office job, you’re spending around 40 hours per week in the same room, working alongside the same people day in, day out. You might be lucky enough to sit next to the radiator, or not so lucky if it never turns on. Anyway, the point I’m making is the importance of working from a nice office – not only does it make the working environment feel a lot better, but if people are happy they are more productive. When we’re more productive we achieve more, and this in itself makes people happier (as well as their bosses). This can lead on to more sales, higher salary and can even result in you working at a company for longer!

Creating a nice office environment doesn’t need to be costly. A splash of colour, branded items, some plants, a beer fridge, maybe a pool table if there’s space, and an office pet if you’re going all-out. This doesn’t need to be a demanding pet such as a dog, although about 8% of UK employees are allowed to take their dogs to work – they are said to help staff relax and likely to help increase cooperation and other positive behaviours among co-workers.

These ideas not only make the work place more enjoyable but can really have a positive effect on the office culture, too. Here at Pocket Media Group we are huge advocates of constantly improving the working environment and office culture. We celebrate success and often go on team days out. We conduct regular team meetings where people can share ideas. As a business we highly value our staff and do whatever possible to make people feel a part of a team. Whilst we don’t have an office pet, we have created a nice space which contains games consoles, a darts board, nice green plants, as well as some quirky branded walls and signs.

We’re equally as passionate about our office as we are our team and of course, the services we provide. That’s why in 2019 we’re not only going to be recruiting more people and growing the business but expect to be spending more time together as a team, which you never know, might include a new four legged member.

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