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Freshers Countdown begins…

Each year from July/August, we see a surge in advertising interest, as businesses start thinking about the huge influx of Freshers about to start university who are potential life-long, loyal customers.

I remember receiving a free, well known shaving (razor) product in the post, on my 18th birthday. What a smart move that was because ever since, I have been purchasing their shaving blades, and without giving away my age, I’ve spent a small fortune on their products!

The power of creating life-time brand loyalty early is enormous. It’s certainly worth pointing out, that although Freshers is our most popular edition, advertisers who consistently promote their products, services, events and offers, will be at the forefront of a student’s mind! This is extremely important to help deliver an ongoing, successful advertising campaign.

That’s why at Pocket Media Group, we publish 3 digital editions of Student Pocket Guide per academic year, and at the beginning of each new student term.

Armed with promotional material, our branded team are ready to hit the streets, not only to promote our Freshers edition of Student Pocket Guide, but also, our Autumn/Winter edition of Travel Pocket Guide.

Check out each respective magazine website here:

If you are interested in promoting your company within any of our titles, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly sales team on 01603 273850.

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