Digital Boss

Digital Boss

Digital Boss is a digital marketing agency specialising in content creation and targeted social media campaigns.

Providing highly driven targeted social media campaigns, Digital Boss has repeatedly proven it can deliver exceptional return on investment, with campaigns generating up to 70% click through rates.

Not only can Digital Boss deliver amazing results on bespoke campaigns but it also manages social media pages for businesses, creating industry tailored content published across various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Often businesses do not have the time to dedicate to the creation and promotion of social media content/blogs, but with 65 million people living in the UK and a massive 92.6% of us having access to the internet, social media really is the new shop window. Standing out from your competitors and delivering truly beneficial content has never been more important. Plus, it’s not just a matter of creating and publishing said content, because certain algorithms can limit the success of your posts – Digital Boss understands how these algorithms work to get the best out of the content published. The Digital Boss knowledge, expertise, team and work ethic ensures delivery of exceptional content for a cost effective price.



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