Pocket Guides

A portfolio of publications specialising in targeting the 16-30 demographic. Student Pocket Guide Our national student magazine offers its readers exclusive local student discounts, free competitions, helpful and money saving …

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Digital Boss

Digital Boss is a digital marketing agency specialising in content creation and targeted social media campaigns. Providing highly driven targeted social media campaigns, Digital Boss has repeatedly proven it can …

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Working closely alongside Pocket Guides, ePocket provides a one-stop online shop to purchase specific products from key sectors, such as travel. Our first online shop is currently under development and …

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Digital Publishing. Social Media. Website and eCommerce.

Pocket Media Group is a holding company comprising of three main UK registered businesses; Pocket Guides Limited, ePocket Limited and Digital Boss Limited. Collectively the corporate group purely focuses on digital media with each company specialising in a specific area - Digital Publishing, Social Media, Website and eCommerce. The first group company was registered in 2005, and the business is expanding aggressively and rapidly.

Pocket Media Group Limited, 1 Chalk Hill House, Lower Ground, 19 Rosary Road, Norwich, NR1 1SZ.